Reprepro (formerly having the working title mirrorer) is a tool to handle local repositories of debian packages.


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Suggestions, Problems, Offers for help

If you have problems and/or suggestions, just write me an email. (You can read the FAQ first if you fear to ask a stupid question, but I really get few enough mails that some more will not harm).
If you want to help, please try to read the manpage and the manual and tell me what is hard to understand and not to understand at all. If you want to write some chapter for the manual or some examples, I also appreciate every offer. Please license everything you send me under GPLv2.

[1] or whatever libgpgme wants to call; only needed while signing or verifying
[2] to be more specific the programs in /usr/lib/apt/methods, and only if importing from other sources.
[3] only needed when compiled without libarchive
[4] libdb3-dev, libdb4.2-dev, libdb4.3-dev and libdb4.4-dev should also be possible, but I stronly suggest to always use to libdb4.6-dev to avoid theoretically possible problems when changing from one to the other version